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Our ethos

The Wool Consultant aims to create a coherent dialogue between farmers, designers and manufacturers. We advocate the uniqueness of individual sheep breed wool qualities for a diverse range of applications rather than one homogenised fleece standard.

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Wool Research

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What we do


The Full Story

Textile Design (BSc) graduate and current Product Innovation (MSc) student, Louisa Knapp studied in the textile-heritage rich region of West Yorkshire. Yorkshire’s abundance of working mills and sheep farms instilled an appreciation of locality and provenance into her projects and collaborations, prioritising a symbiosis with nature.

After several successful industry collaboration and awards whilst at university Louisa decided to forge her own consultancy firm after graduating in 2021. Following on from her undergraduate research dissertation The Golden Hoof: the regeneration of regional wools, she discovered how rare breed wool could once again contribute to the British economy as well as wider biodiversity and soil ecology.


Our Credentials

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