Fibonacci was my winning design created as part of the Campaign For Wool Student Competition 2020.

My design vision was selected by renowned British Textile artist and designer, Margo Selby. The prize awarded was to have my design commercially woven by Botany Weaving Mill in Dublin, and to receive ongoing mentoring from Margo Selby herself.

“Stay at Home” was born out of the new realities that lockdown has presented this year. The project addresses the shift towards working-from-home and – with the concurrent (and arguably linked) environmental crisis – the urgent need for symbiosis between the natural environment and our working environment, in the micro and macrocosm.

Fascinated by the psychological concept ‘biophilia’ (humanity’s deep need for connection to the natural world), Fibonacci features a mesmerizing motif woven in wool pairing the beauty of mathematical patterns – prevalent in the natural world, and so suited to weave – with a bold style of graphic design.

I am over the moon to launch my first textile product! Fibonacci is a Limited Production cloth currently available as both cushions and fabric meterage.


  • Approx. 44cm x 34cm

    Please note that due to the nature of the fabric repeat the design may vary from the image. The size quoted is the size of the cushion pad, as the cover is made slightly smaller to ensure a plump appearance.